Unlocking Belief

Jesus Christ, the most effective communicator the world has known, built His communication style on the use of the question. Scripture records hundreds of questions asked by Jesus. Most were never answered.

Unlocking Belief is a chronological journey through Jesus’ life and ministry, stopping along the way to answer timeless questions Jesus asks. The study includes eight chapters, seven study guides, and eleven opportunities to answer these pivotal questions. In answering, we learn much about our own hearts, yet more about the heart of the One who questions. Jesus’ questions are for our benefit, not His. Answering Jesus unlocks the deep recesses of our belief.

Unlocking Belief is the journey you have been waiting to take — to usher you into an authentic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Unlocking Belief: The Journal

Something happens in the heart when we answer Jesus. Taking a question He asked, writing something down, chewing on it, starting again, and adding to the answer, gives insight into God’s character and provides keys that unlock the deep recesses of our own belief.

The companion book, Unlocking Belief, is a journey through Jesus’ life and ministry, stopping to answer eleven questions Jesus asked. This journal is the condensed version. It also provides extra space for you to dig deep into your answers.

Some may think it to be presumptuous or even preposterous to answer questions Jesus asked over two thousand years ago. Yet, it can be a rare privilege. This is the journey you have been waiting for — to find God and to find yourself.

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