Winter wanderings

I love winter. In January I am an absolute slug. I go underground for as much of the month as I can. Then I emerge in February, get out of my sweats and get going!


Book Club went on a road trip to Atlanta to meet the incomparable Martha Hall Kelly, author of Lilac Girls. Her first book, three trips to Europe and 10 years of research. I highly recommend. Of course, we forgot to take a picture with her.









Next Door Studios (which is really Kristi Kelly and me, and yes, our studios are right next door to each other) hosted a class with Gina Brown. Oh, so talented and the extra benefit that she can teach! She’s returning in August. Sign up here. Don’t be deterred by the wait list – people always have unexpected conflicts and we get into the wait list.









I just returned from keeping these three.

First night:

3:45a, Caroline – “Zannie, can I come get in the bed with you?” “Of course, climb in.”

4:58a, Case – “Zannie, I’m hungry.”  “It’s still night time, climb in the bed for a little while.”

8:30a – 48 cupcakes!

#zannie love








People are asking…

People are asking…

if Unlocking Belief would be a good study for Lent?


Yes! Especially, The Journal.


Unlocking Belief: The Journal is the abbreviated study. Each chapter contains a reflection and notes from me. There are the same eleven questions to answer. There is even more white space for writing and additional pages to come back to the questions time and again. The Journal format would easily fit into the days of Lent.


Another idea might be what I am going to do this Lent:

40 questions in 40 days.


To explain: The next to last chapter in the book is titled The Way of the Cross. The homework for that chapter is a timeline from the cross through the Resurrection. 40 questions, and simple to do, like an open book quiz. The real gem is that once the 40 questions are answered you have step by step biblical knowledge of the cross and a valuable reference tool for a lifetime.


I will be posting a question a day on Instagram. Follow me there or with the book. Rather than quickly answer all 40 questions, I am going to sit with them, reflect on each question and all the aspects of the cross.


Join me!

Lent begins Wednesday, March 1.

I had to laugh

I have gotten some of the dearest calls and emails and texts about Unlocking Belief, even real mail. But nothing like this text…







Ok, so I woke up at 2 am and got in the bathtub and started your Bible study last night.

I really am impressed with it Suzanne. And while reading it I really felt God speaking to me

in a way I haven’t felt in a really long time. I love the questions. 







I loved it!