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Can you find Unlocking Belief?











Case and Molly stopped by the Square Books to find my book on their shelves. Of course, I am looking at all the other books that are my new neighbors. 

On the shelf below is my new favorite author, Shauna Neiquist. Her new book, Present Over Perfect, is speaking to me and shaping, or should I say re-shaping,  my life. A post on that soon.

Square Books, a dream…


Anne Blair Brown’s 40-stroke method

Just returned from a great art class. I was in way over my head but by the third day, I started to get it. I left the class eager to get back to my studio and put into action some needed changes in my methodology.

Anne showed us a 40-stroke method. Even if you are not an artist this is pretty amazing.

She first does 3 thumbnails of her potential painting and an underpainting in burnt sienna.











She mixes her paints and loads the paint on the brush. I mean loads of paint! She starts with one stroke dragging paint through it’s area on the canvas and filling in all the space – with one stroke. After every stroke she puts a little paint mark on the side counting strokes.











She continues to wipe her brush, load paint, and drag paint using both sides of her brush, never lifting her brush from the canvas. Almost like contour drawing, but with a paint brush.











This is the painting after her 40th stroke!


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Through Lent, I am posting 40 questions on Instagram, one a day, tracking biblically and chronologically from the Cross through the Resurrection.

I don’t know if I have ever looked so closely at this time period. Especially during Lent, while living through and desiring more of a repentant heart. It seems we get to Maundy Thursday, then Good Friday, and skip right on to Easter. What about Saturday? What about those early morning hours on Easter Sunday? What happened when?

The questions come from Chapter 7 in Unlocking Belief. The coolest thing is that when you answer them you have the accurate timeline once and for all. Taking one question a day there is much to ponder, many reflections that draw us close to the Cross and the Savior. For instance, just this one line – Suddenly there was an earthquake because an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and approached the tomb (Matthew 28: 2, emphasis mine). I have never noticed that sentence before. An earthquake caused by a mighty angel approaching Jesus’ tomb. Not to let Jesus out, but to let a few in. Or rather, to let many have a glimpse inside; to let us in! Good study!

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From angel command












 Command angel: Word has come. The one He loves is deeply distressed. The earth-man, the husband, has lost his right arm, the love of his life, his earth rock.

Clarion angel: Does he know that he will see her again? Does he know where he will see her again? All of creation is rushing at a rapid speed toward this blessed event. 

Command angel: Send a small army to give him strength, love and hope. He is of great use to the Kingdom still. He is deeply loved. Make sure he hears of the last pages from the Word.

Clarion angel: I will get started right away.


So angels from heaven and earth gathered. Food was sent to give him strength. Cards and words, books and small gifts showered him with love. One acquaintance from afar sent the last pages from the Word, and wrote of the event to come:


I anticipate with a glorious forward look seeing her again at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.


dedicated to precious Christi Falt, 1947-2017, her husband and daughter and Tuesday Bridge