Life Lessons From The Book of Joshua

The summer after my twin daughters graduated from high school, I taught a Bible study in our home to a small group of their friends. Everyone was crossing from high school to college. Just within that small group emotions ranged from exhilaration to trepidation. Using the Book of Joshua as our guide, we explored the struggles, fears, and joys each girl would face in the new land of college. The goal: to equip them for victory. As I listened and watched, I discovered the same situations and emotions Joshua faced accompany almost all of our ‘crossings’ in life. From that summer study, Crossings was born.

Everyone experiences ‘crossings’. ‘Crossings’ come with life and are expected and usually welcomed. Graduations, career moves, changes of location and growth of family indicate crossing into a new stage in life, into new land. And then there are those ‘crossings’ which are unexpected, untimely, and even unwanted… losses, adverse circumstances, and sometimes God’s call in our lives. Whether welcomed or unwanted, throughout our lives we find ourselves facing new land. Are we equipped for victory?

Crossings: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua is a study based on the life of Joshua. Joshua waited and wanted the Promised Land for most of his life. When he finally crossed the Jordan River into the long awaited new land, it was without his mentor and with an unexpected, unfamiliar set of problems. I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my own life and in other’s… we are completely unprepared for new land and caught off guard by what awaits us there. Victory seems like a pipe dream.

Crossings is an eight-week study including seven DVD teachings, weekly questions and commentary, and a pivotal exercise titled, Stones of Remembrance. The same lessons God taught Joshua are waiting for us. The lessons are relevant and applicable, and Joshua’s hurdles and disappointments mirror our own as we navigate our crossings. Through this study, Joshua became my own personal mentor. His relationship with God made me want to follow God more closely and come to the end my life in true victory. I pray the very same for you.



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