Artist Gina Brown brings her expertise to Huntsville!

Hello artists and friends,
Happy Summer!
Kristi Kelly and I (we are NextDoor Studios) are hosting the amazing Gina Brown in August for two Painting Figures workshops: 
Workshop I: August 22-23, with set up on the evening of August 21 – FULL
Workshop II: August 24-25, with set up on the evening of August 23 – 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE
Remember we will not be painting “people” but “figures,” so don’t be intimidated! With Gina’s help we can do this! After taking Gina’s class previously, I am sold on her instruction to beginners, intermediates, and advanced painters. She is the real deal! There are only 14 spots in each class, so everyone gets plenty of Gina-time.
To secure your spot, please go to the link below and register online. You will receive a confirmation email with payment information. Your payment will complete your registration. We will accept registrations until classes are full or until August 1. After that date we cannot offer cancellations or refunds.
Here is the link: NextDoor Studios
All details are on the link including a full description of the class, updated lunch details and an updated supply list, all specific to this class!
Share with your friends and come paint with us!






the season of weddings

This is for the mother of the bride planning the wedding. This is for the father of the bride living with the mother. This is for the mother of the groom preparing her heart to give her son, and for the father of the groom watching his son grow in to a man. It is for the ones getting married and all those under the wings of weddings. Dear Amanda Ragland wrote this prayer and delivered it to my door three days before my daughter’s wedding. I have saved and re read and printed and prayed for others. Amanda told me that God gave it to her and it is His to share. May it touch your heart with peace.


May you be blessed richly by God’s own hand

as your tent is expanded;

May you reach a point where the details are released,

and you enjoy the celebration knowing with special awareness

the agape love of God as he binds one heart to another,

as He interweaves one family line with another.

May you also find rest and release in the process

so that the stress does not overwhelm and rob the experience.

May your heart and soul be protected and drawn to what is important.

May your letting go be filled and eased with grace again and again.

God is love; all love comes from the Father.

In this celebration of love, where God is beginning a family,

may you marvel at the work of God

and be in awe of His wonderful provision for your need.

Our God is not bound by time or the constraints of time.

May your wedding be blessed with thousands of seeds,


that will burst forth and fulfill your dreams, sustain your hopes,

so your family will see and know the radiance of God

and the absolute glory of our LORD.

Reading the Bible from the Courthouse steps





National Day of Prayer – May 4

Daniel 9:19

O Lord, listen! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, hear and act! For your sake, O my God, do not delay, because your city and your people, bear your Name.

The National Day of Prayer observance in Huntsville will be Thursday, May 4 on the east side steps of the Madison County Courthouse, 12:00 noon.

As part of the National Day of Prayer celebration the entire Bible will be read out-loud from the west side of the Madison County Courthouse steps. Beginning May 4 at 1:30 pm, and continuing for 72 hours, with many readers, on the public square of our city and for all to hear, God’s full Word will go forth. 

Would you like to be a part? Would you like to include your family, friends, church or business? 30 minute slots are available. 

Here’s the sign up link.

The grand finale event will be a gathering to read the final chapter, Revelation 22 to worship the Lord of our City, Jesus Christ, and to receive communion.

Sunday, May 7, 5:00 pm

Big Spring Park, at the fountain by the rock cliff

I hope to see you there!



Holy Week






Over on the sidebar you will find the posts, written several years ago and still the most popular on the blog, regarding Jesus’ daily activities during each day of Holy Week.


Blessing to you this week!