What’s on my easel

I have been rotating 4 paintings off and back on my easel. The nest below, title ‘Home’, found its way to Little Green Store & Gallery. 

8×8, framed, $125

This one I’m excited about. Don’t you love him? Old lazy thing. I still have a long way to go but he’s titled ‘Rest’.

16×20, will be framed   

Do you recognize this cherub? She lives at the Matthews family plot in Maple Hill cemetery. 

Since I first began to paint I have put a Bible verse on every painting, a verse that speaks to me. This year I’m doing something new. I bought two well worn Bibles and I’ve been cutting verses out and glueing the old paper right on the canvas, then painting over it. I love the multi media effect. If you look closely at the above nest you will see little slips of paper under the paint in the nest. 

As always, I write the full verse on the back of the painting. 

I went a little crazy and put an entire chapter on this one. How will it end up? No idea, I’ll keep you posted. 

Below is a 12×12 boat for a commission. It is in the barest block-in stage, but it already has a good feel, don’t you think? See the Bible verse in the shadow?


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