“I need the gift inside of you.”


Have you ever told anyone, I need the gift inside of you?


Our City on a Hill had a day retreat last week and the theme was creativity. Creativity in writing, creativity in expression, looking for creativity, unstopping squelched creativity. Creativity. Wide. Open.


As an icebreaker of sorts, we were told to say the above statement, I need the gift inside of you, to the person next to us – to warm us up. Then, we were to really mean it and tell someone in the room, I need the gift inside of you.


I knew immediate the girl I would say this to. She was everything I wish to be more of – open, vulnerable, transparent, the light of Jesus poured out of her. It was easy to say to her, I need the gift inside of you!



When someone said to me, Suzanne, I need the gift inside of you, I cannot tell you how stunned I was. Shocked really. And validated.

From her tone and her sincerity I could tell she valued something creative in me. What gift was it that I have and she needed? She never told me. I didn’t even need to know.



Below are a few points about writing that I gleaned from the retreat. No matter what creative task you do – writing, painting, scrapbooking, cooking, any creative gift God has given to you – they apply. (Thanks May!)


1. Creativity is a gift from The Creator.


2. We stifle creativity by either not believing in ourselves or by trying to impress others.


3. Good writers (painters, cooks, graphic artists) are never quite satisfied. There is always a greater vision.


4. Family and friends douse the fire of creativity better than anyone else. One misplaced comment and we put the work away (paint over the canvas, never try the recipe again).


5. The hardest part is actually sitting down and doing it.


6. Creativity is a process. The start does not reveal the finish. Most writers are as surprised as anyone to find out what they have written.




I am going to be looking for the gifts inside of others that I’d like have myself. And most of all, I am going to tell them.



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  1. Katie Taylor

    This is beautiful Suzanne! Amen! Thankful for the gifts in you that you share so freely!

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