A Mom’s Heart


Friends, especially MOMS!


Especially Moms (who are walking zombies) of babies and toddlers, especially Moms (who cannot possible maintain energy enough) of pre-schoolers, especially Moms (who need several degrees) of elementary school children, especially Moms (God bless them) of middle school children, especially Moms (get on your knees for them) of high school children.


What I would have given for a conference like this to breathe life and the Life Giver into my home!


My friend, Pam Graves, is an author, speaker, blogger, student of the Word, lover of Christ, cook, confidant. What shapes her heart are Moms. How we need each other, how we depend on each other, how we sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron.

Here’s her blog, River of Life, and here is where her heart has been for the last few months.


Save the Date and make a date with the One who can change life in your home.


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